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Thursday, March 15th, 2007
5:58 pm
Dragons of Gaia
In Gaia the Dragons are the only known race to exist in Gaia long before the Black Star. Many Dragons have claimed that Gaia itself originally belonged to them. However not many existed in the world of Gaia when Gaia came and saved the planet. Many of the original dragons on Gaia had stayed when the Star turned black and tried their best to salvage the world. However most of their attempts failed accept for a small continent named Remacia, where a few isolated pockets of Dragons are said to of remained untouched by the Black Star.

The Dragon's claim that their territories stretch far beyond the material plane, however complex politics and traditions had trapped many in Gaia. The known orders of Dragons that have interacted with the Gaians on some level are listed below:

Drest: Said to be the order which originally called Gaia it's home. The Drest are the longest known Arcane order of Dragons. However they no longer base themselves in Gaia, due to the Black Star. Many of the Order's followers were able to escape the planet's fate. However they still interact on occassion with the so-called "exiles" that remain in Gaia.

Kameem: These Dragons are part of the remaining Drest that were able to survive on Gaia. When Gaia came they pledged loyalty to her after she saved the planet. Though their numbers are few, the Kemeem have kept a watchful eye on the continent of Gaia and have even made lairs there in desire to help Gaia who had saved their original home.

Krinani: These dragons date back towards the founding of the Drest. However they do not dwell in Arcane magic. Instead they have devoted themselves to the powers of the gods across all planes and manners of existence. They take a more spiritual role in the universe, lending their power to their respected gods in which they follow. Some have been attracted to Gaia, seeking to understand the power of the God who eliminated the Black Star. No solid order exists of Krinani who have dedicated themselves to her worship. However there have been a known few flying around observing Gaia and her people. They tend towards Gods of creation and health rather then ones of destruction and dominating power. They have been reluctant to support Gaia because of the exiled Drest, the Kameem, and do not seek to complicate their place in the over scheme of the Dragons.

Siltak: This order of Dragons also traces its roots to the Drest. However when Deus came, they left the Kameem and joined the Cestus. Claiming that the powers of Deus far out weigh those of Gaia and her followers. They have pledged their undying loyalty to the Cestus. Lately the Siltak's numbers have been swelling. Most of it's members are rather young, while the Kameem is smaller, but contain much older wyrms.

Spire: Not much is known of the Spire. They have come to Gaia in order to challenge other dragons to duels or mortals of considerable power. None call Gaia their home, but see it as a proving ground on either Gaia or Deus' side. Though it is not known of any Spire to leave the ranks of Deus once they have joined. They seek to constantly prove their strength and prowess and look for any opportunity to do so.

Xet: These are no longer considered Dragons. During the time of the Black Star an order of Celestial Knights came down to Gaia in the land known as Garro. There they promised the remaining Dragons of their salvation if they allowed the Celestials to build a tower on their land. It would create a barrier that would keep the poisonous rays of the Black Star away, while the land now known as Garro would be open for the Dragons to use. The Dragons accepted and the Celestials built their tower and the barrier was created. However after a few hundred years of peace, the dragons began to change. They began to lose their wings, their minds, and most of the abilities and were now at the will of the Celestials, who were training them to be apart of a larger military force. The remaining few who still held on to their minds and most of the abilities stormed the tower and destroyed it, when the Celestials left a skeleton crew to man it. The Celestials abandoned the project, never to return and now the Xet, lost of their former powers roam the land of Garro as animals and not Dragons. No one has learned of the Celestial's purpose or who they were exactly. The tower still remains, in ruins on Garro, the only testament to this exploited past.
The Garrans who now occupy this land were able to, for the most part, train most of the Xet that remained. Many of the Xet now make up a considerable force of the Garran army. Many however remain untamable and cause many problems for the surrounding populace.
Tuesday, August 29th, 2006
3:27 pm
Introduction for the Re-Creator
So you’ve decided to become a physical redeemer of souls. Congratulations in your first steps in re-aligning the universe. Those who are possessed by forces such as Deus follow an unbalanced and volatile path that threaten to destroy all harmonies of life. Even though change should not be feared, to allow something such as Deus flourish within society only brings about that society’s damnation and destruction. You are a brave soul for undertaking such a task and the best of luck to you.

Below are listed a few quick facts and steps in order to allow you to create a general understanding of the process of re-creation. Within this sacred text lies the proper incantations and ritual practice in order to complete the redemption process.

This process does not work on beings not born of the physical world.

If you are not immortal, this task may seem overwhelming. It may take centuries for a soul to be properly redeemed, but the process must start somewhere. First things first, once you have completed your ritual on a subject you have gained complete control of their senses; you may access any of the senses at any time (thought, smell, sight, taste, and touch). If you wanted to take control of their abilities, please find a safe place to keep your body, for you will become completely immobile while you move the re-created’s being.

The souls of those seeking redemption undergo a cleansing process, which is essential to their recovery. Anytime they think against, wish pain to, or have any negative thoughts in regarding their re-creator; they will suffer an immense amount of pain. This pain is measured by the closeness of their connection with Deus. The more powerful they may seem; they will experience a much-heightened pain when they think of disobeying orders. However they cannot disobey you. You may see things that have grown onto what you have re-created, like possible cages, metal limbs, or any type of contraption grown apart of them. These contraptions are the physical manifestation of their anguish. These contraptions cannot hurt anyone else, except for the re-created.

There may be a massive amount of bleeding from the re-created in the first few days in reaction to the pain that they suffer, but after the days pass the subject will lose all of their liquids eventually. It is a messy process. Consider yourself warned.

If you have a table to hold them down and shackle them to as they bleed out, let it collect in buckets or any containers under the table (diagram of bleeding table on page 14). You can use these fluids in many necromancy rituals later. This will make it much easier for you and the re-created. If you do not have access to this, then be careful. Once their fluids are gone, they will look much different and if exposed in open light it will be quite obvious they are not the person they once were. It is best to keep them hidden as much as possible; robes and/or sets of armor are ideal.

Their mentality is very similar to they way they previous thought before re-creation. They will retain all their memories. Some may have foggy memories of their service with Deus, but it will all be recovered eventually in a matter of years. The reason for this is the Mark of Deus which scrambles many of the follower’s of Deus’ mental processes and makes them more susceptible to brain washing and enabling their bodies to undergo massive trauma without visible repercussion. You can find this mark if you peel back the skin on their forehead, for it has literally been burnt into their skull. It cannot be seen otherwise, no matter how bumpy one’s forehead may seem.

Your subject does not need sleep or food. He has similar traits to your normal undead creature. The major difference will be that they will not stink as much as your normal zombie or skeleton. They still retain the ideas of personal hygiene and may actually keep themselves clean.

They also may argue with you and attempt to question your reasoning on many subjects. You cannot stop their criticism no matter how hard you may try. Let them get this out of their system. Perhaps remind them of their place every now and again. Do not be disheartened by their banter, they only hurt themselves more in the end. There is no way out of this for them until they have rid themselves of the taint of Deus and re-established themselves as a respectful Gaian. Now enough of the basic descriptions within the rest of these pages you will learn to become a true Re-Creator.

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Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
4:54 pm
Updated Gaian Origins
Completed updated to rigth before the Asanan war. Goes into better detail about the first war of Deus and it's aftermath and better explains the aftermath of the Lith Wars.

Origins of GaiaCollapse )

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Friday, June 2nd, 2006
5:31 pm
The Stam Contract Clause
Stam contract clause:

Dealings with organized crime syndicates, which include but are not limited to: Yakuza, Triads, and the Mafia. However executive order may be requested if such a job is required to pay off past debts as long as the job does not include our neutrals and allies (to be noted later).
Dealings with Aztechnology no exceptions.
Dealings with Mitsuhama, no exceptions.
Runs against the UCAS.
The smuggling of BTLs.

Runs against awakened threats of the sixth world (The Order, Toxic Shamans, Insect Spirits, Scourge cults, etc).
Dealings with the UCAS.

Data steals not targeted at allies, neutrals must seek executive order.
Ghoul infestation clean outs.

Black Mason
Red Claymore

Lone Star
Knight Errant

((Just the begining, will need input from everyone))
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
3:25 pm
Strife: Origins
Revised History of Gaia. Edited, fixed, considered, and in some cases reworked. Opinions?

Origins of GaiaCollapse )

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Friday, April 14th, 2006
5:48 pm
The Garrans
Garro was the god of invention and manipulation. He promoted new ideas, concepts, strategies, and just about any creation of the mind. However with the loss by the hands of his people Garro (The Lith Wars) cursed them for ages of ignorance and lack of reasoning. Garro’s mind grew dark and sinister. His prophets and druids began to speak dogma of hate and violence. Garro would make sure his people never forgot the loss of their homes on Gaia.

The Garrans were banished to a small continent of swamps and bogs. It was a very harsh land, which made it nearly impossible to grow and sustain food and life. Reluctantly Garro allowed for the druids to make a caste system in order to organize their nation. The Caste system is broken up into three parts. The first part is the priest caste. The Priest caste is comprised of those that Garro deems worthy enough to be educated and well versed in the thoughts of reason. The priests lead the tribes in all matters. The second caste is the warriors; the warriors are the most populated caste. Warriors hunt, fight, mate, and kill. It is a very simple life for a warrior. Life expectancy is extremely low, but the excess of numbers serves in the warriors favor for the immortality of the warrior caste. The third caste is the Growers, or farmers. The Growers are at the bottom and are tribeless. The ancestors of the Growers were conscientious objectors of the Lith Wars, but still supported their people. However they were banished from Gaia as well. The Growers make the food, clothes, weapons, etc for the other Garran castes to live off of. By law they cannot be warred upon and to kill a grower is forsaking not only your own life, but the lives of your family. Garrans generally leave the Growers alone as long as they remain competent in their professions.

The main tribe of the Garrans is the Gang Kuthe (Black River). They have solidified their hold on the Garran lands, but still find themselves fighting pockets of resistance from the other tribes, Mar Ithdun (Red Skull), and the Sho-dan (Cannibals). Each tribe follows a god of Garro. The lessor gods were mortals of his people who quickly rose to power as the leader of their tribes and became extremely powerful and able that outside forces granted them the abilities of god-hood in which to rule their people continuously.

The Gang Kuthe worship the god of Olmax, or the Eyes. The Eyes live by seven truths in which they believe make them stronger as a people and fiercer as warriors.

The Mar Ithdun worship Kujah, the crazy man. Who was known for the redness of his skull when he was sent into berserker rages in which he slaughtered countless people. His followers focus on the boundaries of the mind and body, seeking its limits and trying to surpass the limits of their beings. Many go insane, become incredibly strong, stealthy, or dead. The problem with Kujah worshipers is that by testing their limits many end up deceased. However the ones who remain alive are brutal forces to be reckoned with.

The Sho-dan worship Jajan, a necromancer who ate the flesh of her own creations. Jajan priests are considered necromancers and Jajan worshipers tend to fight battles with the dead of their enemies. Sho-dan consists of the least populated tribe. Many die from disease only to be resurrected later by a Jajan priest to fight as a shell of a person and in turn become fodder for the Mar Ithdun and Gang Kuthe. The Sho-dan are pale skinned, in contrast to their dark skinned Garran counterparts. Many attribute the condition to the study of necromancy. Their warriors fight side by side with the undead creations of their priests and in many cases are lead by intelligent undead created by Jajan herself.

The other groups of Garrans are consisted of war bands who haven’t established themselves as a full fledged tribe. Many of these creations don’t last, but ambitious Garrans never sleep. These war bands fight on the outskirts of the three tribe’s borders, sometimes drawing in more followers after a victory. However war bands might be fierce in small scale fights, there hasn’t been a war band to stand up to a mobilized military unit on the battlefield.

All gods may be worshipped in other tribes. Olmax, Jajan, and Kujah however are the patron gods of their tribes. The point of never ending war isn’t to quell the beliefs of the other tribes, but to prove superiority over other mortals and perhaps achieve god hood. Garrans also worship the power of Deus, who promises them unending conquest and power. Recently demonic cults have been growing in power with the Garrans as their recent treaty with the Abyss, to get back at Gaia, has opened up new avenues of influence.

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Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
3:51 pm
Some things Im working on...
Tribes of Dacia:

Cunori: The Tribe of the High King The Largest and most populated Dacian tribe. The Cunori not only seat the King of the Dacia, but also the Arch druid. It is the centralized structure of the Dacian tribes. The tribes may act independently of one another, but the Cunori always have the final say.
At the end of the Lith wars the civilizations had begun to found themselves by banding together in similar ethinicities and races. However the Dacians, even though mostly human, welcomed all races and cultures into their lands. Dacians strongly believe in the unity of the Gaian races however once the Xisarian Empire began to form and cause problems across Gaia in the name of conquest they found themselves increasingly at odds with their old beliefs. In order to deal with the on coming threat of Xisarian assimilation a Cunori chieftain by the name of Torin Cunori was able to unite the tribes and fight off the Xisarian invasion. Hailed as a hero Torin was made high king of Dacia. Torin set forth the laws of Dacia in which all tribes honored and signed when presented to them. The first was the law of the Cunori, which states that whenever Dacia is at risk, the Cunori are the ones to unite and call the tribes to war and in doing so the Cunori must maintain a constant state of vigilance to ensure the safety of Dacia. The second law defined the lands of Dacia and that all tribes of Gaia that lived there would be considered Dacian.

Dubhacon: The Tribe of Forges

Faelinn The Tribe of the Horses

Iceni The Tribe of War

Lunaire The Tribe of the Stars

Maelgan The Tribe of Women

Sesnan The Tribe of Merchants

Verico The Tribe of Words

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Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
1:04 am
Damn character development
What a solemn game. :(

Too bad since I was mostly hoping to make Veronica a comical, relatively character but I guess in a game like Deadlands its kinda hard to be light hearted. Still, this does grant room for things to be a lot more interesting character development/relationship wise.

First Xex now Veronica, man I just love making conflict happen within our own parties. I just gotta find the right balance between accurately playing a selfish character and keeping from screwing up the goals of the group.
Monday, March 28th, 2005
12:15 am
Bout damn time we update this thing, right?
"Smithing, Crafting, and the Path of Goibhniu" By: Kyann Kurrell

As a cleric and smith of Goibhniu it is one's aim to embrace the art of crafting (whether it be of weapons of war or hunting, armor, tools, magical or mundane) not solely as a means of mere production and assembling of tools but as an actual spiritual transformation of substance into divine instruments, created to serve the force of Good. This is not such a far-fetched concept when one considers that all material taken from Gaia and all her creation, be it iron, wood, leather, etc. is in fact sacred because they are all a part of the sacred body of the great mother Gaia.
Therefore, the art of pouring the divine into what many folk would consider to be a mundane process (forging, tool making) is by no means a stretch of imagination. In fact, one needn’t be a cleric or priest to participate in such an art; he or she only needs to understand the sacredness of both the Fire that transforms and Gaia which produces.
It is the will of Goibhniu to further this understanding to all mortals in order to basically inspire people to take greater pride in the art of material crafting of all kinds by recognizing the divineness of Gaia’s substances and elements. The Goibhniu cleric spreads this word through his acts, his words, and his serious devotion to his craft. He must lead by example and stay true to the virtues of hard work, determination, sensitivity to detail, carefulness in both forging and daily life.
When the cleric of Goibhniu works at his forge he enters a spiritual trance brought on by his connection to our great forger god. Each heavy pound of the hammer to every gentle, subtle tap and finer detailing is a divine process of transformation following in the grand tradition of Goibhniu. Reverence is paid not only towards the actual forging process and materials used but also towards the importance of the intention of the tool’s creation purpose(s).
For it is the intention of this tool’s creation that determines its alignment and ultimate worth within the realm of Good. We, the followers of Goibhniu, are devout towards furthering the values of this abstract idea we call “Good,” that is peace, compassion, love, harmony, etc. Therefore, this once again shows the importance of craftsmanship on a divine level because each tool created should be set to serve a benevolent purpose. This may seem ironic considering the mere existence of any and all war weaponry reveals the existence of distrust and suspicion (both justified and unjustified) towards fellow creation.
Indeed, the paradox of forging a Good aligned weapon is ideally the weapon will never be needed. The weapon is born with the hope that it will someday disappear because once peace within the world has been obtained the sword can be put to rest. This is not to say that war, fighting, etc. is essentially and completely an evil act for the very art of surviving in this world requires struggling that is often full of violence and conflict. Surviving is certainly not an evil act therefore fighting and waging war is not essentially evil as long as it is only waged when no other alternative is either acceptable or available. Our situation with the Vasharins, Garins, and Deus is an example of such a war.
Since wars such as these must be fought, the tools of war are necessary and essentially Good creations because despite their inevitable ties to pain, suffering, killing, they are used to achieve an ideal state of society among men, that is, one full of peace, harmony, and prosperity. Weapons are not merely killing machines but necessary tools (for the present times) to protect the innocent, the weak, and all of societies working with good within their hearts, souls, and minds. A cleric of Goibhniu should always keep this in mind as well, for it is not enough for them to simply create with reverence of skill and material but also knowing the reason he creates the weapon is to serve the greater good instead of for his own selfish or corrupt pursuits.
Producing weaponry, tools, jewelry, etc. with poor work ethic and disrespect for the sacred material that is of Gaia is one thing, but to create an item with selfish, malevolent, or other misguided intentions is another. Regardless of the process of creation, if a tool is forged primarily to serve things such as greed, vengeance, hatred, or other motivations that threaten peace on any level, then this tool is not blessed by our Lord Goibhniu and is an abomination of the creation gifts he has bestowed upon all men.
We must therefore keep intention fully within our minds along with the actual forging process. Consider both a smith who creates poor tools for good reasons and a smith who creates excellent tools for ill-conceived reasons The first one’s heart is in the correct place but he disrespects both his gifts and Gaia he takes from when he creates poor tools. The second smith is spreading disharmony and poison even when he creates quality tools because his intentions are corrupt. Neither smith is being true to the way or ethic of Goibhniu and the gods of Good, and we must strive for better.
The cleric of Goibhniu must forge with both correct action and correct intention to create a tool worthy of the deities of Good and their principles. The forge is the Cleric’s temple, Gaia is a sacred well to take from respectfully, and each action taken is relevant and requires great care and connection with the spiritual as well as the material realm. Quality is of utmost importance and it is critical that material wealth and profit is not the primary motivation of this crafting. In this age money is an important factor and it too is a tool, but iquality should never be sacrificed for the sake of profit and greed; this greatly degrades our gifts, Gaia, and the art of creation. (Why Goibhniu wouldn’t like capitalism.)
It is very important to stress this because too often the pride and dignity of all smiths and craftsmen fall prey to greed and thus their art and craft is inevitably degraded for it is more profitable to create greater quantity than quality. This is not the path of Goibhniu’s smiths and disciples. A cleric is much better off to be poor and produce only a few quality tools than to be rich and produce many low quality items. The ideas of good work and good intention are tied to one another in this way.
Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
3:28 pm
Background help
I don't know if Graham still has the file, but I remember waaay back when I made Chavez there was a txt file on his computer that was a list of questions to answer about your character's personality, background, etc. That would certainly help me develop Ethan's persona a lot more.

Graham, if you still have that file please email it to me and/or Wes if you have certain questions in mind you'd like me to develop then let me know. I imagine you want specifics and not just general info so I'm going to need a bit more to go on than just "flesh out his background well." You know me, gotta have everything spelled out for me. :P

Oh yeah, that was a shit ton of fun last night on WoW. Like with table-top RPGs we need to get a set schedule for that together. Carscaddon, make sure Jeni makes a female character as well, the more the merrier.
Monday, February 7th, 2005
12:53 am
"In the criminal justice system, the crimes are handled by two equally important groups..."
This focuses on the first half of that equation.

It's time to start this bad boy, so here's the deal.

At this point it's going to be set in Washington DC (The Deecee sprawl, to the cool kids), but I'm not married to that idea so it may change at any moment. I know for sure it won't be set in Seattle, and I'm 90% certain it will be in a UCAS or CAS metroplex which still maintains a civic police force (No corpers need apply). Hmmm.... Atlanta is my second choice.

Anyway, the characters are going to be members of a severely understaffed division within one of the bigger, rougher precints. The reasons for the division being understaffed will be revealed later, but suffice to say things haven't been going well for the cops lately, on either the street or political level, and emotions are going to be running high. A shortage of qualified detectives is going to make sure the understaffing sticks around for awhile, so that's already plenty of stress on your character's heads. Now the decision you have to make is whether your character is a veteran of this particular precint who's survived the, ahem, staff cuts, or whether they're a new transfer. Of course, transfers can be newbies fresh out of the academy or hard bitten, wife-divorcing, vodka drinking badasses from another precint/city/country/whatever.

Character creation is point system. Double standard starting points, and don't go overboard with the guns/cyber/adept powers/attack spells. Combat is going to be rare, usually resulting only when you fuck up (Not always though.....), and you'll be much more likely to avoid it entirely with good detecting skills/spells/powers/cyber/whatever. This is going to be the kind of game where someone who can't even really use a gun could actually be fun to play.

A few guidelines:

--Cops in the UCAS and CAS are allowed to own anything up to a heavy pistol without any license requirments, and can own as many as they wish. Shotguns and rifles require a civilian license which costs ¥200 a year, and a cop can get this just like anyone else. Cops also have the option to purchase a license allowing them to own SMG's and even select assault rifles for ¥1200 a year, less than half of what a civilian has to pay. All weapons used in the line of duty are required to be registered with the police force, and internal affairs is notorious for wanting to know if you really need the Smartlink II/set trigger/APDS conversion kit on that Predator of yours. This isn't to say you can't have an unregistered weapon, and many cops do, just that there are risks involved.

--Most gear and cyberware which would be reasonably used in the line of duty has some of it's cost defrayed by the department. This transilates to 1/2 price on a ton of gear, but it's all logged and registered. No surprising your employers if they foot part of the bill. This includes a lot of cyber, some bio, and all guns used in the line of duty. Quite a lot of equipment can be bought without street index even after character creation, if it's bought through the department. If in doubt, ask me.

--You get three free contacts! Any one person in the department, an informant or former perp of some kind, and the DA. You'll be talking to that last one a lot. You're advised to buy some more.

--Standard issue gear is a vest with plates (4/3), a two way radio, a Browning Hi-Power with no frills, a pocket secretary/cell phone, and a badge.

--Congratulations magicians. As a cop you get to have spells up to Force 6 without having to buy a license, including combat spells. Anything beyond that requires registration with the government, but of course that's kind of hard to monitor. In theory your full grimore is supposed to be registered with the department.

....and of course, this time around you've got a legitimate SIN.

That's it. Prepare to be on the right side of the law for once.
Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
6:23 am
Help, please...
Alright. So, I've started my game, and things are going well, but my lack of a map is going to be a big problem soon - memory only goes so far. I printed the capture of the map G sent me, and went over the outlines of coastlines, rivers, and mountains, so I have a pretty decent outline of the natural features, but here's the problem - so far I've only been able to translate a few of the place names, and while I generally know where a lot of them are, I'm still unsure, and I'll probably mix up things like nearby cities really, really badly.

So I was wondering, if someone gets a chance, could they resize the map image G sent me (I'll pass it to anyone who wants it) and edit in the place names from the paper map? The only ones I've gotten so far for 100% sure are Sorub, Eymru, Aethon, and the Emilian Sea. I'll be alright without a map this week, but after that, I'm going to seriously need a legible one. Having not seen the original for months, I'm pretty sure on the locations of the other name labels, but I don't want to put them down until I have confirmation of them.

I'll post a summary of my game so far after the next session this Thursday night. The first sessio was really nothing but introducing the characters to each other, and running a short combat and a series of events requiring skill checks to help the new players get comfortable with the system. This session is where we really get into the fun... :D

Overall, I'm very pleased with the new people in my group. They've picked up d20 really fast, which I can mostly give credit to Jeni and Dennis for - Jeni spent the first few nights after we bought the book poring over it, and she's pretty much got the PHB committed to memory. So any time Anton or Melissa needed help with something, she was able to teach them better than I probably could. As far as the roleplaying aspect, for people who are pretty much brand new, they've done very, very well. Sometime when you guys come to visit, we'll have to show them how a *real* GM runs a session.

I also mentioned Shadowrun to Anton, and he was immediately interested in eventually starting a game. Not now, of course - we just started a D&D one, and I don't want to overload the new folks right off the bat - but SR has really always been my first love in gaming, being the first system I played with any seriousness.

I really hope Jeni multiclasses Ellina into Cleric. Melissa's Druid provides some healing to the group, but Anton is playing a child prodigy Wizard with low HP, and the only non-NPC meatshield they have is a nimble 'finesse' fighter with a whip and daggers. I guess that Kongerian cavalryman NPC will have to do the job for now...

That's all the gaming-related rambling I can muster for now. It's 6:30 AM here... where you guys are, most people are already at work. :P
Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
5:31 am

Is it just me, or does this seem like something that would show up as a magical artifact in Shadowrun?

Whatever the case, I find the story behind it really interesting...

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Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
1:32 pm
What's next?
I think the title puts it about as plainly as I need to say it but seeing as how I love to hear myself type (or in this case watch myself type) I'll draw out the question in detail instead. I was wondering what game we're going to do after Deadlands and with what characters? Wes was talking about Star Wars but also has been discussing how he'd like to do that Shadowrun cop game. I'd really like to play Shadowrun again and the idea of playing local cops sounds like a lot o' fun. Star Wars would be cool too...but I don't really have any characters in mind that I'm really excited about playing...suggestions?

Graham, you said something to the effect that you don't want to do the South America Shadowrun game until Carscaddon gets here for spring so I guess that'll be on the backburner for a while. So I'm guessing either a Star Wars or Shadowrun cop game is next however there is also both the Strife games going on as well. Ooooh...so many possibilities.

Well, tell me Graham and Wes, what do you have in mind after our current Deadlands game hits a stopping point?

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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
6:18 pm
Why should one man stand alone?
I would like to get the site up and running by Feb. and so I need as much revised material as I can for the site. Smith and C have been in the Strife world for quite sometime so they know their way around abit, esp with Smith an Aethon. Any information anyone feels comfortable writing about and submitting for the site, please feel free, but of course let me know what you are doing so we dont have any overlap.

Its hard for me to really hand out projects at this point and Im not forcing anyone to do anything. Just seeking to get a revised strife file and eventually enough information for the site... and for Smith's scanner to start working.

Also it isn't hard to find some one with better html skills than me, so if there are any suggestions about you could help design the site would be great.

Im mainly concerned about getting the countries together right now. My next step is working on the races and the strife exclusive classes.

Ideas, suggestions, whatever, speak.
Monday, January 3rd, 2005
10:49 pm
The Gaian Gods
Holy Hell! I can't believe I completed this in two days. I'm patting myself on the back. Hope you enjoy. I will probably give Vasha and Garro more bonuses, but this will work for now.

btw, this new LJ pic is the Gaian holy symbol.

Revised list of Gaian GodsCollapse )

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Saturday, January 1st, 2005
5:55 pm
WTF was up with Risen? (Strife)
Just an explination to something that might not of made much sense in retrospect. (excuse spelling).

The first culprit was a human infernal emyruese human henchman by the name of Akira. His job was to get blood from Kyrin and take it to Xisus where later in a ritual would help create Kyrin's identical twin, except this one would be under the control of Deus and they utilized it to create havoc.


Everyone in Strife is basically part of the Stamic bloodline, those that were said in the Garran and Vasharan prophs that would always rise against the power of Deus in one way or another. Risen was a way to reverse fate-kill Kyrin and eventually become the one Deus wanted him to be. All of Stam are destinted to do great things and accomplish much, it would be this bloodline (Kyrin) that they would use to accomplish greatness, but in Deus' name alone.

With this "clone" now in charge of a rebellion that spread like wildfire very unexpectingly (the exploitation of Kyrin's fate in a corrupted manner) most (but not all) of Deus' followers in Xisus rose to the challange and helped Risen's rebellion and bughra mercs poured in from the north with enslaved black dragons from the islands of Atsuo and evntually surrounded Xisus and held it under siege.

Our heroes Aiden, Cuinn (shortly), Kyrin, Garrett, Finron, Kavira, Jana fought against the Deus' invasion and broke the siege at Xisus. Kyrin killed Risen, but in only killing himself. Garret of course rose Kyrin from the dead, surrounded by compassion seeming to be Kyrin's saving grace.

Much killing and merry was made and C bitching the entire time for the rest of the campaign, since Kyrin was now a level lower. (I kid).
Thursday, December 30th, 2004
4:35 am
Compliments of my local Teagan...
greysim, one of my players, is good at doing editing andn layout, and he sent me this. It's the latest version of the Strife file I had, converted into a pretty pdf. This is just a two-page sample, but I think it's definately worth us getting together and working on. It's a lot more print-friendly and professional looking, if we want to have an official site for our gaming stuff.

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Sunday, December 26th, 2004
4:32 pm
A look into what Im Doing (Strife)
Just getting the basics down for the site that will eventually be put up. Read, enjoy, give feedback, ask questions. This is far from completed, but enough to present to others. This should help you Colin in understanding the Gihirin somewhat.
Hopefully we will have the strife map up after work tonight.

The Beginings of Strife Race DescriptionsCollapse )
Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
4:35 pm
I'm going to have a christmas present for the Deadlands crew, but it'll probably be late, and I need to know who's got a PC that can handle a lot of video codecs (I'm not sure what these are encoded with.. probably DivX or Xvid.) I'm not going to give specifics, but it's a hard to get your hands on TV show that I managed to track down and am downloading now. (And have been downloading for the past three days... jeez it takes a long time to download an entire season.)

Anyway, just let me know who has a PC that can handle it. I know Smith's probably can, and I'm guessing Colin's can. Wish I had a DVD burner, it'd make this a lot easier, plus you could watch it on the TV. Maybe if I get a nice stack of cash in the future I'll purchase one and make it a late present.
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